Afterglow's Col. Angus P. McGruder (Ret.) has been voted by Los Angeles Magazine readers as L.A.'s Cutest Pet!  Congratulations to McGruder and owner Catherine Shaffer!




Our Jenny and Goodie made the cover of
the Bagpiper Magazine

Afterglow Kennels, LLC is an American Kennel Club "Advanced Level Breeder of Merit" Silver of Champion Scottish Terriers and rare Sealyham Terriers


Member in good standing:

Lisa Imnan Lee is the principal owner and known world-wide for the breeding program of champions she oversees.  She has been raising and showing dogs for over twenty-five years and whelped several litters of Afterglow puppies herself in her home.


Our dogs love the country life (we raise chickens too), and have over one acre of fenced, open land to run. This helps make them strong, healthy and helps wear them out for bedtime.  They are raised in our home with our family and their mother so they are well-adjusted and used to a family home environment before they come to you.  Very importantly, they are not placed with a new owner until they are at least ten weeks old so that the transition to a new "forever" home is easier on them.

Lisa and her team have worked with Hollywood in the past and two of her prized Sealyhams (CH Afterglows Rapunzel and Afterglows Cinderella) can be seen in the 2012 movie "Hitchcock" along with Sir Anthony Hopkins and Dame Helen Mirren.


Hitchcock loved his Sealys and they can be seen in the movie "The Birds" (1963) and in "Suspicion" (1941).


Bogart (Afterglow's Sir Bedivere) and Nash (Afterglow's A Storms A Coming) both competed at the Westminster 2020 Kennel Club Show

with Bogart earning an "Award of Merit"!

Bogart is owned by Pam Page, bred by Lisa Inman Lee and handled by Rebecca Cross

Nash is owned by Lisa Inman Lee and bred by Lisa Inman Lee and C. Hillhouse and handled by Kelsey Jesseph

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Lisa and team offer on-site show grooming and handling by prior arrangement for select clients. Contact us for details.

Afterglow Kennels, LLC is

located in beautiful
Granville, Ohio, U.S.A.

Phone: 760-774-0081



AKC Breeder of Merit

Advanced Level "Silver" for Scottish Terriers

and Sealyham Terriers

Proud particpant in the

AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Program

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