The Afterglow "Forever Families"

It is so wonderful to be able to find such wonderful families for our "kids" to be placed with and loved.  Yes, it is very hard to go from seeing them born to saying "Goodbye", but part of the reason we spend so much time getting to know the forever families is to make sure that there is a great fit between family and puppy.


The map shows where our Afterglow Family has expanded.


We are so appreciative of the families staying in touch and letting us know how things are going. It is the highlight of our day when we hear about the grown pups and get pictures.  Below are some Afterglow families and some words they shared about their experience of finding and bringing home their Afterglow puppies.  If you are an Afterglow family, we hope you will share your story and pictures, we would love to add them.  Just email us at

What the Afterglow Families Are Saying About Their Experience


Afterglow's Colin (Angus) and Afterglow's Afterglow's Lady Alicia Smallwood (Fiona)

"Not too long after our home was without a Scottish Terrier for the first time in about 40 years, we  decided this silence was no longer acceptable. So, we set out on a quest to make a new generation part of our family. Some years earlier, we had little boy Scottie that was a wheaton and we were smitten with the little guy. We contacted kennels in Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois and a few more states. All came up empty. Then, one day, we discovered there was an AKC Breeder of Merit in Granville Ohio. Since that town is less than 20 miles away from our home in Columbus, we used our advanced powers of reasoning and shouted, “Let’s call them!”.


From the first introductory phone conversation with Lisa, we knew there was something special brewing. We learned that a recent littler had produced a wheaton male. So, we arranged to head to Afterglow to meet, and get to know, Lisa and Geiger. We were smitten again. Their commitment to creating healthy and happy dogs with wonderful personalities is only exceeded by their commitment to each other. It was clear that when a puppy comes out of an environment like this, it will be something special.


After we talked about the pup’s parents and family pedigree, we were allowed to meet the little 6 week old guest of honor. It was so easy to say, “Yes!”. So, we did. He needed to be at least 12 weeks old before we could bring him home. Soon after he was returned to his mom and littermates, Geiger asked us if we were familiar with the Sealyham Terrier breed. Aside from some photos, we weren’t that familiar with the breed. As Geiger asked the question, Lisa came back to the room carrying a female Sealyham pup born one day earlier than the wheaton Scottie. When we saw the pup, our brains screamed in unison, “Get out the checkbook!”. When we told Lisa that we’d like both of the little kids, she said that she would make sure they were raised together. We left Afterglow and spent the next few days thinking of names for our two new kids. We decided that the Scottie would be named Angus and the girl Sealy would be Fiona. All of this happened six years ago. Along the way, we bred Fiona to one of Afterglow’s males. She had four pups and we kept one, naming him Caerwyn.


In the six years since we first met Lisa and Geiger, we have returned to them many times for grooming (the dogs, not us), boarding when we took vacation trips and have double-dated with the Lees numerous times. If you have the chance to have the Lees in your life along with one of their dogs, your life is going to get a whole lot more joyful."


Nanci and Dave Gobey, Columbus, Ohio

Afterglow’s Detective Lt. Thomas J. Doyle (Gwilym/Will)

How Gwilym Helped Me Beat Cancer


"I have many times thought of writing you to thank you for allowing us to bring home one of your Sealy pups. Now I have infinitely more reasons to thank you.


In early 2021, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I breezed through chemo and radiation. But after a short time on immunotherapy I reacted so acutely that I was unable to crawl out of bed, every joint and muscle in my body inflamed and aching.


My husband Mike has been a saint helping me through the stages from bed to wheelchair to walking, but at my side all along was our Gwilym, our Will. He stayed with me in bed, always there for my hand to touch; he was on a pillow next to me on the couch so I could have a snuggle, and when I began to walk, he was at my side encouraging me to take another step.


While I remain somewhat limited in motion, I am cancer-free. Will is again his boisterous, entertaining self, but also my snuggle-bunny. He cheers me daily.


I have heard that medicine heals the body and dogs heal the soul and so I believe.


In addition to being grateful to you for a much-loved dog, I am also grateful for a soul-healing angel.


Thank you!"


Mike & Carole Philipps, Cincinnati, Ohio

Afterglow's Come Rain or Come Shine (Gwyn)

"Our search for a new pup was inspired like many others by the passing of a dear friend. Bruce, our Scottie dog, was a rescue and had a wonderful temperament with the family but was aggressive with other dogs. After he passed away, we considered adopting another rescue but we were hesitant to commit to the possibility of another difficult behavioral situation and the uncertainty of genetic disease that comes along with unknown breeding.


We contacted Afterglow Kennels to check on the availability of Scottie pups. They were just a 45-minute drive away (how convenient!) and from all we read online they were doing all the right things. We were disappointed there were no Scotties, but Geiger let us know that they would have Sealyham terriers available soon.  


He and Lisa provided plenty of information about the Sealy breed which we were completely unfamiliar with. Afterglow’s process of getting to know potential owners, the love and care they exhibit, and their dedication to the Sealyham breed convinced us that this would be our next dog, and a wonderful temperament match with our family!


This led us to Gwyn, our lovely now 18-month-old Sealyham terrier. Loving companion, boss of our home, and stealer of our hearts.  

Our entire experience with Afterglow has been wonderful. Lisa is a dog-whisperer and both she and Geiger are thoughtful and devoted caregivers and tireless promoters of the Scottie and Sealy breeds. It was really several bad haircuts that led us back to Lisa, remembering that she offered grooming service for clients. The grooming experience we got elsewhere was a disaster! So we arranged to take Gwyn “home” for a groom and what a difference that made.  Lisa obviously takes great care with the process, painstakingly stripping the hair to showcase the dogs natural coloring. Gwyn is excited to go see Lisa for her monthly groom and to see the other pups on site.


Our roles as owners have been a privilege and one we don’t take lightly. We want to help the Sealy breed survive and thrive, being one that seems to be diminishing in numbers in recent years. We now have an ongoing relationship with Afterglow and we’re even considering a second pup as a companion!


Thank you Lisa and Geiger for all you do."


Lucy Godman and Brent Duncan, Columbus, Ohio

Afterglow’s Master of Suspense Joan Fontaine (Hartley) and Afterglow’s Corniche (Zeddi)

"On considering which breed of dog would be best suited for my lifestyle, I was in search of a gregarious companion that would keep me as active as I wanted to be without undue demands on my mid-life existence.  The dog needed to be hypoallergenic, fit through a pet door that a thief couldn’t yet offer a menacing warning should said breach be attempted.  After learning that the Sealyham satisfied those requirements and was also described as the “couch potato terrier” with a sense of humor, I thought the Sealyham was the right breed for me.   

I was then faced with what I thought was going to be a challenging search for an available puppy.  Knowing that worldwide their numbers are few, I was intimidated by the unlikelihood of my success until I found Afterglow Kennels.  I made contact and had a very pleasant conversation with Lisa.  I was impressed with her genuine concern for the breed, for the welfare of her puppy and for the home in which it would be placed.  She took the time, from what I now know is her ridiculously demanding day, to know me better and to educate me on the breed.  To quell my anxieties over my new cyber relationship with Afterglow, I went to the Great Western Terrier Dog Show held in California.  There I learned that Lisa is well known and well respected in the terrier dog show world.  Not only would I be getting the pet that I wanted but the dog, most likely, would also win in the show ring!  To further alleviate my concerns, I learned that Afterglow Kennels has been designated as a Breeder of Merit with the American Kennel Club. 

I knew then that I was dealing with a legitimate breeder and could relax and trust her professional judgment.  Most impressive to me is Lisa’s great concern for genetic diversification within the Sealyham breed.  With so few numbers, Lisa goes outside the domestic gene pool and imports many of her dogs from Eastern Europe to help ensure the health of the puppies she produces.  Not only are they beautiful, they are healthy and of sound mind.  The puppies are raised in her home with her family and by the time a puppy of hers is placed, it has been educated on the inner workings of a household.  The transition from breeder home to forever home is as easy as it gets.  My own experience has been that these puppies come with what I can only describe as a quiet wisdom.

I didn’t select my puppy, I let Lisa do that for me.  I shared with her my expectations and she chose the puppy she felt was best suited for my home.  My friends told me I was crazy but I knew that my selection would be based on pure emotion.  I had done my due diligence and put trust in the professional.  My trust was not misplaced!  Not only was the puppy that Lisa selected perfect for me, I went back a year later and let her pick again. 

I am proud to say that the only thing better than a Sealyham of course, is two!  I traveled by air with both in the cabin and neither made a sound.  In fact, both puppies slept the duration of the four-hour flight home.  I’m often asked about their sense of humor and what makes them funny?  I’m not certain its anything overt, it's more intimate than that.  Sealyhams are truly quiet dogs and yet incredibly expressive, let one get to know you and you’ll find yourself in quiet laughter all day long!

Afterglow Sealyhams are the bomb!"


- Gregg Ziegler, Las Vegas

Afterglow’s Master of Suspense Marlene Dietrich (Dolly)

"We loved Lisa and her Afterglow Sealyham puppies from the start but were a bit apprehensive about flying our new puppy from Ohio to California.


Lisa assured us that she had never had any problems with airlines and that our Dolly would arrive safely in Los Angeles.


We made the flight reservations, and Lisa emailed us photos of our precious pup from the Columbus airport upon departure.  The United Airlines Pet Safe flight had certain requirements, including a valid health certificate; that the carrier kennel was secured; two water/food dishes were required that could be filled from outside the carrier; as well as a size requirement for the kennel based upon Dolly’s weight. 


We were told that the airline would keep track of the temperature control, and Lisa efficiently taped a note on the kennel with information regarding Dolly’s last meal times before boarding the plane.


We picked Dolly up at the United Pet Safe building outside the main airport terminal at LAX.  The carrier kennel arrived, and

we were overjoyed to meet Dolly face to face….  Our little California Sealyham!  Dolly quickly adapted to her new environment that night; perfectly fine after her long flight.


She has become a true city Sealy.  Dolly enjoys long walks and car rides; recently passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test; and has her own Instagram account.  We cannot imagine life without her!"


~ Julia Dalton, Los Angeles

CH Afterglow’s Miss Daffodil and Afterglow’s Mr. Dogwood @ Hills O’ Brown

“Location, location, location” say the realtors but dog lovers say “temperament, temperament, temperament.”  Afterglow Sealys have the best temperaments around.  Both Daffodil and Dogwood have the loveliest personalities and it is not by accident.  Lisa Lynch Lee has been breeding for a number of years and she knows what she is doing.


I got both Daffodil and Dogwood from Lisa when she still lived in California.  I flew out to Palm Springs to pick up Daffodil.  Later, Dogwood came from California, too, but a friend kindly drove him back to the Kansas City area and I came up from Dallas to get him.  Both trips were well-rewarded.


I had wanted to have a Sealyham Terrier since the early 1980’s when I saw them at a dog show.  Back then, Sealyham breeders were scarce (as they are today) and very standoffish.  No one would give me the time of day.  Many years later, I found Lisa.  We talked by telephone several times as she got to know me and I got to know her.  She told me a lot about her breeding and I asked her to select a puppy for me; it was Daffodil.  Daffodil was everything I expected her to be and more.  She is packed with personality and is quite a clown.  She loves people and gets along well with other dogs.  She was socialized well and has never had a moment of shyness.  She has traveled a lot; she’s a good traveler, too.  She’s pretty verbal—putting her two cents (barks) in when she wants something or is expressing an opinion.


Seeking Lisa’s advice again, I wanted to add a male to my pack.  She picked Dogwood as a good fit for me.  Dogwood is all boy—rough and tumble and loads of fun.  Like Daffodil, he is a lover.  He thinks he is a shepherd and often chases the cattle in the field behind.  I’d wager that the rancher is not too happy to learn that Dogwood is running the weight off of his cattle.  Dogwood loves the water and swims like a fish.  He loves the pool though his swimming often makes a mess of his coat.  There is not a mud puddle that he did not like and his white coat is brown a lot of the time.


Sealyhams are terrific dogs.  I am glad I have Daffodil and Dogwood—I love them both.  I am glad that I got them from Lisa Lynch Lee."


~ Thomas Fitzsimmons, Texas

Afterglow’s Master of Suspense Cary Grant (Gus)

"While I was looking for a new Scottie, I found Lisa on the AKC website. As a “Breeder of Merit” I knew I would be bringing home a quality dog. Little did I know it would be a male Sealyham Terrier. Lisa not only educated me on the breed, she assured me he would be good with my female Scottie and young grandchildren. Both are true. Gus is a very loving, friendly dog. He is a joy and as cute as can be! It’s a good thing because being a terrier he loves to dig!


The trip to pick him up was no problem. He was great on the ride home. I sat in the back with him on my lap the entire 2 plus hour drive. He was great and we continued bonding. I made a 3 plus hour trip the same way when I brought home my Scottie. Do not let distance prevent you from bringing home your new little love."


~Pamela Ignatz-Nowell, Amherst, Ohio

Afterglow’s Stella Chanel Peukert

"Welsh Sealyham Terriers.....are the best breed to own and love!  I fell in love with this breed around 30 years ago in England at a pub... when this wonderful Sealyham came to greet me!  Ever since then.....I have owned Sealy's and our latest addition came from Lisa Lee!  


Ms. Stella Chanel..... She is a true joy and a love!    When Maxwell's wife, Millicent, had passed away, he went into a depression and I called the Sealyham Terrier Club for a referral and we were lucky enough to find Lisa less than an hour from us!  I called Lisa and she had one female Sealy left in her litter, we rushed down to see her and picked up Stella Chanel! Stella Chanel is quite the character!  Lisa made sure she was coming to a great home and cheer up Maxwell!  Stella loves staying at home being Maxwell's 2nd younger wife and going outdoors on a regular basis.  She loves to be cuddled and sleeps with Mummy at night!  


Yes!  We were lucky enough also to film with Cesar Millan, the famous Dog Whisperer with Maxwell and his late wife, male Sealy is an Alpha Male and he wanted to love me on his terms Cesar wanted to showcase the Sealyham, as he never worked with this breed beforehand, and to learn about Cockatoos...he fell in love with CaCa, our Citron Cockatoo and told me that Maxwell's tail is his love antennae... when it is up, stay away… when it is him!  We were very thankful to Cesar Millan for the full day of advice and     his efforts!


Thank you again to the Lee's for blessing us with Stella Chanel!"


~ Sabrina "BudJonz Peukert", Yucca Valley, California

Afterglow's Hitchcock's Marnie (Lida Rose)

"Where to begin…..our Lida Rose (Afterglow’s Hitchcock’s Marnie) is a gem!  From that first moment when Lisa carried her our way, we were smitten.   How fortunate we were to have found Lisa in our search for our newest family member.


What a wonderful weekend it was…a halfway overnight stop spent with family …. then,  on to Granville early the next morning.  We were met with a very warm welcome and spent a relaxing visit getting up to speed on Lida’s history to date and answers to any and all of our questions. 


The trip home was without any upsets or issues.  Our “just in case” supplies were in the trunk….and happily never used!   Our little girl was calm and collected…..understandably a bit cautious….but again, a quiet trip home was enjoyed by all.


Lida Rose has continued to settle into our family beautifully.  We have been gradually introducing her to the world….and it seems to be going very well.   Whether she is observing from one of her tote bags or walking on her own, she has taken it all in stride. Since we do live in the city, she has been surprised by a few things and does muster up a growl......a random fire hydrant or the talking buses still seem to get the drop on her, but again, not overwhelming so. She has experienced snow (loves it!), an ice festival, historic parks and most importantly, our grandchildren.


Personality was very important to us in our search.  We were looking for exceptional breeding as well as the knowledge that the pups would be offered the love, affection and handling so essential during the first critical months.  We have been rewarded with Lisa and Geiger’s efforts every day.  We see a puppy that is loving, calm and comfortable, very comical and eager to learn.   How does it get any better than that!   When Lida Rose sees our grandson arrive, her tail is a blur.  We have no doubt they will be great friends.


Lida Rose, our little ambassador for the breed.   How we enjoy those who stop to ponder her background or the little ones that just cannot wait to pet her fluff.  She welcomes their attention….one and all.    We have great plans for Lida…..and we do believe she is up to the challenge!


Thank you Lisa and Geiger…..Lida Rose is pure delight!"


~ Barb and Scott Walters, Philadelphia

Afterglow's Saunter to Aberdeen (Hooligan)

"We are a fourth-generation Scottie family and spent a long time looking to add a new puppy to our family. We are so happy to have found Afterglow Kennels. After speaking with Lisa about what kind of Scottie we were looking for, she matched us up with the perfect little boy. Hooligan has a wonderful personality, he's clever and loving, and has quickly found his way with all of the other four-legged family members in our house. He loves dogs, cats, chickens and horses and he has quickly become a barn favorite! He's a good looking, sturdy Scottie and we're trying very hard to not spoil him.

As we live in New York, we made a weekend trip to pick up our new pup. The Granville Inn that Lisa recommended was incredibly charming and we were able to explore the town and local farmers market. The ride home with our new puppy was an incredible bonding experience. The trip not only resulted in an adorable puppy but we also made some wonderful memories. Finding a puppy from Afterglow Kennels has been a wonderful experience for our family! We would do it again in a heartbeat."


~ The Gerard Family, New York

Afterglow's Juliet and Afterglow's Master of Suspense Nora

"My daughters and I flew to Ohio from Idaho.  We flew into Columbus which is close to where Afterglow Kennels are located.  We rented a car and easily drove to Lisa's Afterglow Kennels.  Lisa had sent us pictures and talked to us, many times, about what we were looking for in a puppy.  She then evaluated them and made her recommendations.  We were warmly greeted by both Lisa and her husband Geiger and met our puppies.  Lisa spent hours with us explaining how to groom and answering our many questions.  We flew home the next day.

Our babies integrated well into all our families and as time as gone by we decided Lisa certainly matched the right puppy to each of us.  They have wonderful dispositions, are comical, beautiful, smart and loving.  Lisa is a wonderful, responsible, knowing breeder.  She remains available to us when we have questions, and I now count her as a dear friend.  

Currently, we are showing our Afterglow girls in conformation and have begun competition obedience!"

 ~ Vicki Voss, Idaho

Afterglow's Master of Suspense Eva Marie

Eva and my story:

My mom has always loved the witting writings of English author P.G. Wodehouse (and I now love him, too). In several of his books, some characters have had Sealyham Terriers. My mom has been intrigued by the breed since reading about them years ago. Finally, she and my dad seriously started looking into them and came across Lisa and Geiger and Afterglow Kennels. My parents ended up getting a one-year-old female named Juliet. When I first met Juliet, I fell in love. She is so sweet and calm; she is an old soul. Of course, I then wanted a Sealyham also. My mom kept in close contact with Lisa and several months after she got Juliet, Lisa told my mom she just had a litter of 6 female Sealy pups. Lisa and I talked and I was able to reserve a female...but of course my mom needed one, too! We planned a trip to Ohio to pick up our girls, and my sister decided to come along just for the fun of a trip.


We flew to Ohio, rented a car, drove through beautiful countryside, visited lovely Granville and were welcomed into Geiger and Lisa's home to meet them and their wonderful dogs. We got a wealth of information and tips from Lisa about grooming, showing, feeding, and the Sealy breed in general. Her dogs were a delight to meet with the "typical" Sealy characteristics- clownish, loving, happy, companionable, wanting to crawl right into your lap and share their Sealy kisses. Our pups were absolutely beautiful, well adjusted, happy babies. As we were getting ready to leave for our journey home, my sister (who told us very adamantly that she was not getting a puppy!) decided that she couldn't come home without one!


My sweet dog Eva has been the most wonderful girl. She slept through the night immediately, was quickly potty trained and integrated into life easily and beautifully. She is my constant companion- she follows me everywhere and loves to go bye-bye. Eva is always making me laugh with her loud yawns in the morning, bringing her favorite toys to bed with her, rubbing her head on the cabinets or the walls or the couch, quietly watching the birds in the front yard. She loves people and other dogs and is very smart. We have started conformation and obedience classes and Eva loves it! My mom and sister adore their Sealys equally as much and each dog has been the perfect match for each family. We feel so fortunate to have these dogs in our lives. We are so very grateful to Lisa and Geiger for their time, the love they put into their dogs, for Lisa's mentorship (we have called her with a lot of questions and she always graciously takes time to talk with us), and their dedication to furthering the Sealyham breed. I am seriously thankful for my Eva Weva every day.” 


~ Cassie McCrea, Idaho

Afterglow's Master of Suspense Ondra

“When I found out my mom and sister were going on a trip to Ohio to visit Afterglow Kennels, I decided that I needed to tag along. I honestly thought that it would just be a fun weekend with the girls. Because I knew that they were going to pick up puppies, I swore to myself that I WOULD NOT come home with a puppy. After our flight landed, we drove through the beautiful green countryside to Lisa and Geiger's home.


When I saw those furry, little puffballs of Sealy, I was hooked. Fortunately, Lisa still had one female left. This was amazing considering how rare Sealyhams are. My mom, sister and I got to take home three sisters!  Lisa and Geiger took us to a wonderful dinner that night and the following day Lisa spent hours showing us how to groom and prepare our Sealyhams for a show. The flight home was smooth (considering we had three puppies on board).


My Ondra is a real firecracker. She is spunky, sassy, and full of happiness. When I show her in conformation, she is so full of heart and determination that her stubby tail is almost pinned to her back. Ondra is also very sensitive and does not require harsh reprimand. She follows me everywhere I go-content just to be in the same room. She loves to cuddle in the evenings, laying her head on my chest and insisting on her belly rubs. Being a dog person, I have owned many breeds of dogs in my lifetime-mini duchshunds, Great Pyrenees, heelers, Labs. I will never own anything other than a Sealyham again. Their intelligence, companionship and comical antics make them wonderful family members. Thank you Lisa and Geiger for my Ondra.” 


~ Jenny Voss, Idaho

Afterglow's Magnolia (Nolie) and Afterglow's Ophelia (Phoebe)

"Divine intervention let me Lisa on Facebook in 2014.   I was actually looking for a Scottie after my eldest male died.  Lisa was breeding Sealyhams and also Scottish Terriers.   I was interested in Sealys from about 2007 when I saw one for the first time.   One thing led to another and I wound up buying my first Sealy bitch from Lisa.  Magnolia (Nolie) was shipped to Seattle via Alaska Airlines. Her crate was brought out and i opened the door and she walked out and wagged her tail.  We went outside to potty, and got into the car and off went home.  The entire car ride home, not a peep.  She is the sweetest most well adjusted little dog.  I was very taken with the breed.   Lots of my friends came to meet Nolie and fell in love with her and they have purchased Sealy's from Lisa as well.   I have also recommended Lisa to one of my Scottie friends who purchase a Scottie from her.  I picked up Dashiel the Scottie at SEATAC for my friend.  He is amazing, and he had a wonderful temperament as well.  Dash has since been in dog shows, has earned AKC Rally and Tracking Titles and is also doing agility.  

My favorite thing about Lisa's dogs is that they are healthy dogs with the best temperament  Did I mention they were beautiful dogs as well and move like a dream?   Lisa has always been a great mentor and has encouraged me to show.  She has been a wealth of information and guidance for the past three years.  I recommend her highly.   I love my girls."

~ Karin Parish, Whidbey Island, WA

Afterglow's Master of Suspense Ingrid

"My story began on 4/15/16 with the somewhat sudden death of my 13-year-old Lakeland Terrier, Penny.  In a heartbroken state of numbness about 3 days after I began looking for Scotties, even though my husband wanted to wait awhile. I was directed to Afterglow's website and when I saw the picture of the 6 lovely Hitchcock ladies I knew one would be mine.  Less than a week later I had finalized plans with Lisa.  We live at the Jersey shore, lost our home in Sandy and our home was rebuilt in 2015. We were happy our Penny got to go home before she passed away.

On May 23 last year we set out for Ohio, met Lisa and Geiger and Ingrid, along with some of the other dogs.  We stayed at the lovely Granville Inn and the first thing the next morning picked Ingrid up for the trip home.

Ingrid and I bonded in less than a half hour, it was truly amazing!!!  She is a sweetheart, gets into everything but we just love her so much!!! She loves living on the water where she sees swans and ducks, egrets and herons every day.  I tell everyone she is the love of my life!  Sealyhams are so great!!!! Thank you Lisa and Geiger!! This little girl brought much happiness and laughter back to our home."

~ Maryrose Mangan, Waretown, NJ

Afterglow's Bentley

"Bentley is the most intelligent, and uniquely different, dog.  He is true to the Sealyham breed and much more.  We would travel to Timbuktu to pick up Bentley.


When we found Lisa (and Afterglow) we spoke by phone, talked about the breed, talked about how Lisa took care of her dogs and the quality of dog we could expect.  The quality, personality and intelligence of this dog exceeds our expectations.  As Bentley matures he just gets better. Bentley is simply exceptional.


We drove over 6 hours to pick up Bentley.  This dog is worth a 24-hour drive (or that trip to Timbuktu)…he is a great gift worth every minute we spent going to bring him home. We would do it again.


We just adore Bentley making the trip to pick him up irrelevant-Bentley is one of a kind."


~Stuart and Vicky James, Chattanooga, TN

Afterglow Family Puppy Pickup Day Pictures

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