Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Scotties and the Sealys?

They are both true Terriers originally bred to kill vermin but be loyal to their owner.  

We recommend the following link to learn more:

Back to Basics: A Comparison of the Scottish Terrier and Sealyham Terrier


How are the puppies raised?

The puppies are whelped in our family home with their mother and receive constant attention from us.  We make a point to hold and play with them to give them the necessary socialization for placement with you.


What is included when we get a puppy from Afterglow Kennels, LLC?

  • The puppy will go to the vet a few days before meeting you for a final wellness visit with our local veterinarian
  • When you take your puppy home, he or she will have had “5-way” vaccinations; canine distemper, adenovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus, and also nasal bordetella vaccinations.
  • AKC registration fee for the puppy. We will take care of the registration with AKC to have you as the owner and the papers will be mailed directly to you.
  • CMO, PLL and Von Willebrands genetic testing (if needed)
  • Pre-pickup professional grooming by Lisa 
  • A bag of food to be mixed 50/50 with the food you will be feeding them going forward.
  • Post-placement guidance and consultation by Lisa to help with the transition. "When you get a puppy from Afterglow, you get Lisa for life!"

Are there additional costs?

Additional costs as applicable are, but not limited to:

  • A Travel Health Certificate and a Certificate of Acclimation by our local veterinarian for dogs traveling with you on the plane (if required by airline).

Do I have to pick up my dog?

We do ask that new families come to our home in Granville, Ohio as we do not ship our puppies. For those that want to fly in to pickup their puppy, we can meet you at the John Glenn International airport in Columbus and take care of everything there so that you can catch a flight back home the same day without having to get a car and hotel.  Please discuss details with us to make sure our schedule can accommodate this.


Do you have any lodging recommendations when we come?

We have partnered with three outstanding places here in Granville that provide our visiting Afterglow Families special pricing (subject to availability):

  1. Welsh Hills Inn - TripAdvisor's No. 1 Bed and Breakfast in the US and one of the world’s top-rated inns and retreats nestled amidst a vista view hilltop on 15-wooded acres in the beautiful, rolling equestrian Welsh Hills of Granville. Beautiful wood floors, oriental rugs, and an extensive collection of original artwork fill this relaxing retreat with five spacious guest rooms with plenty of private areas that will make pickup weekend even more special. Use promo code "Good Neighbor Rate" when booking. $$$
  2. Granville Inn - a beautiful historic inn on Main Street in downtown Granville with impeccable service and fine dining and bed linens. They have a wonderful Sunday Brunch that is very popular, please be sure to make reservations. Just mention "Afterglow Kennels" when making your room reservation by phone (not available online). $
  3. Cherry Valley Hotel - with lush botanical gardens and arboretum in the center of the hotel, a large lodge-type lobby with a large fireplace, an indoor pool, and comfortable rooms, many with patio doors to the outside, make for a pleasant stay and relaxing experience.  The only one of the three that is pet-friendly.  Ask for the "Afterglow" rate when booking your room. $

If you are staying overnight as part of your visit, you could come on Saturday to meet your puppy, discuss any questions and get tips from Lisa and take care of the paperwork and then leave the puppy with us for one more night, enjoy Granville or neighboring Columbus which is 30 minutes away or visit Ohio's Amish country which is an hour away.  Then you can get your puppy the next day for the trip home.


I live outside of the United States.  Can I still get a puppy from you?

Yes!  We have several Afterglow puppies worldwide.  Every country has very different requirements for importing a dog.  We ask that you look into this and have a clear understanding of your situation for your location and the needed steps and cost.  Since there are so many variables involved, it is best for us to discuss your situation via email or phone.


Can I come to visit the kennel?

The "kennel" is actually our home, we do not have an extra building.  All dogs and puppies are with us.  You may come by prior appointment to meet our available puppies inside and weather permitting outside too. We are not able to have you meet all of the dogs in our family at once however as they will not be accustomed to you and it creates a stressful situation for the puppies you are meeting.  Also, as the weather allows, we will take our dogs to Main Street in Granville on Saturday afternoons for socialization and informal "Meet-the-Breed" opportunities for passers-by.  You are welcome to join us while we visit and enjoy some wonderful ice cream.


Do you do boarding or grooming at the kennel?

Please call us to discuss either.


For those who have purchased our dogs, you can make an appointment with Lisa for specialized show grooming including hand-stripping of your dog. This is a very skilled and labor-intensive effort that can take a few hours.  We can offer suggestions on places to visit in our hometown of Granville or nearby Columbus during your wait. We are about 30 minutes east of Columbus, Ohio.


What is "hand-stripping"?

Both Scotties and Sealyhams do not shed and their old hair needs to be combed out.  Some owners elect to have their dogs clippered when the air gets long.  This results in a softer coat that is more prone to tangles, mats and collecting dirt.  Hand stripping is pulling the dead hair out but hand leaving a harsher coat behind that is more desirable.  This is generally not a service that a groomer at a pet supply store would do.  Many owners learn to do this technique themselves in the comfort of their home at a pace that is more comfortable for the dog.  We recommend that owners of either Scotties or Sealyhams consider buying the excellent book and video sold by the Scottish Terrier Club of America.


What brushes do you use for grooming?

Here's our brush "toolkit" for keeping coats wonderful:


Do you provide stud services?

Please contact us directly for any breeding questions.  


What does it mean to be a “Breeder of Merit”?

In 2010, the American Kennel Club® established the AKC Breeder of Merit Program. It marked the first time since the AKC® was established over 125 years ago that a special designation of breeders was to be recognized. The purpose of the AKC Breeder of Merit Program is to identify and honor those breeders who consistently meet the high standards of the AKC and who actively promote the sport of purebred dogs. AKC Breeder of Merit Participants must demonstrate a commitment to the AKC community, dedication to improving their breed, along with breeding dogs who are title winners


  • Has a history of at least 5 years of involvement with AKC events.
  • Earned at least 4 Conformation, Performance or Companion event titles on dogs bred/co-bred.
  • Member of an AKC club.
  • Attests that applicable health screens are performed on our breeding stock as recommended by the Parent Club.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to ensuring 100% of the puppies produced are AKC registered.
  • The Advanced Level of Silver requires a minimum of 25 dogs AKC earning titles. proof that all health testing recommended by the breed's parent club is done and also submitted to AKC (submission not required for basic Breeder of Merit), and a commitment that 100% of puppies are registered with AKC. 
    Afterglow was the first to earn this for Scottish Terriers; and
    Afterglow was the first to earn this for Sealyham Terriers.

What do these symbols mean on the pictures on your "Winners Wall"?

These are the symbols that indicate that you can look up our breeding dogs in the OFA Canine Health Information Center's database. For a dog to receive and OFA logo, it means that one or more DNA tests and veterinarian exams for that breed have been completed on the dog.  If the dog has had ALL of the recommended testing and evaluations recommended by the AKC Breed parents clubs and submitted, they are provided with a CHIC number.


What this means to you is that Afterglow is committed to doing everything possible to provide new families with puppies that come from healthy and fully-tested parents We have 100+ dogs registered with the OFA designation and 35+ with the CHIC designation. You can find our dogs by searching for "Afterglow" in "any part of the name" under Scottish Terriers and Sealyham Terriers. We are very proud participants and hope that all breeders of purebred dogs do the necessary testing and submit the results to OFA's CHIC database.

Do you only have puppies?  I would prefer a dog more than a few weeks old.

Contact us and let us know what you are looking for.  Occasionally we have a dog that has completed its showing career and is ready to be placed as a companion.  The price varies according to the age of the dog and potentially other factors as well. Admittedly, this is a difficult transition for us as we get very attached.  If we place one with you, that says much about how we feel about you as a forever home.


What is needed to get on a waiting list?

We have avoided having waiting lists since the COVID pandemic as we would add people to the list and when we would contact them, we often would not get a response.  Instead, when you first contact us, we will get to know you through emails and phone calls to see if you would be a match for our of our little ones, now or in the future. We will let you know what we have expected and ask that you stay in touch with us as your preferred day approaches.  We will let you know when we have an ultrasound done and when the expected due date is so that one the big day, we can give you an update.


What is the difference between a "Show" and a "Companion" dog, is there a price difference? Does getting a "Show" dog mean it is better?

We charge the same price either way as the costs in time and resources are the same for both. Our primary focus is breeding healthy dogs with great temperaments.  We are also breeding with the goal to have dogs that match the breed standard so that they can continue the breed into the future.  When we have a puppy that looks to be a prospect for the show ring, we generally keep them or make them available to those interested in showing and continuing the breed. Both Scotties and Sealyhams are rare and the gene pool is more like a puddle.  We need to do whatever we can to help the breed.  Companion dogs may be slightly off the standard, perhaps a bit smaller or bigger, or the position of the tail, etc.  However, we have placed many show prospects with companion homes because there are so few interested in breeding anymore.  Some of these families have actually given dog shows a try and ended up with an AKC champion. For example "Bogart" was sold to his owner as a companion and we shared he was an excellent example of the breed. She decided to have him shown and ended up as the #2 Sealyham in the US for 2019 and earned an Award of Merit at Westminster in 2020.  We ask that you respect the efforts to further the breed and if you are truly looking for a companion, please do not tell us that you want a show dog.  It is possible that the personality of the show dog might not be the best match for your family, we want to do what's best for all involved.


How do I get matched up with the right puppy?

We have found that trying to choose a puppy based on pictures alone is not the best way to get a good match for your family. The more we get to know about you and your home, your plans for the puppy, and your previous experience with dogs; the better we can make sure that you get the right puppy.  We observe the puppies as they grow and look for characteristics that make each one unique. Lisa has been matching puppies with families for 25+ years, so you can trust her to find a good match for you. Often the decision happens in the final two weeks before you pick up your puppy as that is when their personalities really present themselves. 


What should I feed my puppy?

Afterglow Kennels recommends dry food to help keep teeth clean.  We are feeding Fromm Family Puppy Gold Food to the puppies and Fromm Family Adult Gold Food when they reach one about one year old. They are used to eating about one half to one full cup of food two or times a day around 6:30 am and 4:00 pm Eastern.  Yes, they do eat quite a bit as puppies, remember they are going to increase their weight two-fold their first year with you. We also sprinkle Dogzymes Probiotic Max and Cran-Tri-C vitamins on their mother's food and their kibble when they begin weaning off of the mother's milk.  Feel free to use our discount by clicking on the links above (discount applied at checkout). You may also want to consider providing them additional probiotics in gel form such as Bene-Bac for the first few days with you as the stress of the changes in their life can upset their tummy. Also, we give them as much reverse-osmosis filtered water as they want during the day.


How old does the puppy have to be before I can take him or her home?

10-12 weeks.  We find that the puppies are better adjusted if they stay with their mother this long.


Do you recommend pet insurance?

Yes, there are many companies that provide it.   There are basic level coverages and riders for additional things like congenital diseases.  Once your puppy is registered with AKC by us, you will be sent an offer for free 30-day coverage by AKC insurance. We do not endorse any particular company but do recommend getting coverage.


Should we spay/neuter our puppy?

The primary reason to spay/neuter is to control the population of stray dogs that result from free-roaming dogs.  It is highly unlikely that any person who has invested in a pure-bred Afterglow dog is going to let their dog roam freely.  Both Scotties and Sealys are "At risk" breeds with very low numbers worldwide and their gene "pool" is more like a "puddle" and while you may not expect to breed, things can change and we feel it is best to keep your options open.  If you decide that you really want to proceed with a spay/neuter, we recommend waiting until two years of age based on many reports of problems with joint growth plate formation when performed too early.  For more on this, click here. Ultimately it is your dog and you should not be pressured by your vet, friends, or family to spay or neuter.


What can I expect when I pick up my puppy and what should I bring?

Before you come to get your puppy, please schedule a visit to your veterinarian for your puppy that will be within 72 hours of your puppy coming to your new home.  We want your vet to confirm the puppy is healthy per the contract. We recommend calling them as soon as you have sent your deposit and we have worked out your pickup day/time with you.


Puppies can be scheduled to be picked up just about any day of the week, from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm Eastern.  You will need to coordinate the pickup time with us as we occasionally have more than one family picking up their puppy on the same day. 


You will want to bring a carrier or a sherpa bag designed for carrying dogs.  Your puppy will usually weigh between 6 1/2 and 8 1/2 pounds and most find a small size carrier to be ideal and will fit under the seat of a plane.  If you drive to pick up your puppy, we still recommend a carrier for the drive home.  Also bring an older, clean towel that is not frayed, to line the bottom of the carrier to keep them comfortable and an extra towel or two just in case.  A small package of wet wipes will prove to be handy too. You will also want to bring a leash and collar or a 1/4 inch flat slip lead, which is what we recommend.


If you are flying to get your puppy and if you are able to find a combination of flights that could get you in and out of Columbus the same day; we do offer to meet you at the John Glenn International Columbus airport (CMH) during your layover. You will be introduced to your new puppy, take care of the paperwork, take some pictures, and say our goodbyes.  We do not charge extra for this service, but we do need to coordinate the plans with you.


What forms of payment do you accept?

After we have confirmed that we will have a puppy for you, we ask that you send us a $500, non-refundable, deposit to reserve your puppy.  This can be sent as a personal check made out to "Afterglow Kennels, LLC" or using one of the electronic funds transfer methods of Venmo or Zelle.  For international families, we can provide international wire transfer details.  We do not accept credit cards directly, but you can use them with PayPal.  However, we will pass on to you the fees PayPal will charge us for this convenience, typically 3%.

When you come to pickup your puppy, the balance can be paid as a Cashier's Check drawn on your bank made out to "Afterglow Kennels, LLC", or using Venmo or Zelle.


What can we expect once the puppy gets home?

You may both be a bit tired and nervous.  Your puppy will likely want to eat a little and have water.  They will want to be held and talked to and reassured and get to know you. "Start as you mean to go", is the phrase we often say about where they should sleep.  If you want them to sleep in a crate each night, start that the first night.  If you plan to have them sleep in your bedroom, then start with that.  The first night's pattern will set the pattern for each night going forward. They are used to a routine with bedtime being around 9:00 pm Eastern.  You can expect them to be an early riser around 6:00 am initially, but they will adjust.  They will want to go potty right away and to eat and have a drink.


What if things just don’t work out and I cannot keep the dog?

It is not uncommon for the first night or two to be a little tough for the puppy in a new environment.  We will provide insight on how to make things go smoothly and be a phone call away if you have questions.  However, if it is just not going to work, we will gladly accept the dog back and place them with another owner.  If you have further questions about this, please contact us.

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